Emergency Prepredness

Emergency Preparedness at Cashmere Avenue School 

The Wellington region sits on several fault lines, including one that runs along the Hutt Road. We are reminded frequently of the importance of being prepared for a major earthquake or disaster.

In the event of a disaster, the School’s responsibility is to its children and staff. With the majority of our parents working in the Wellington CBD, it is highly likely that, in a major disaster, there will be a significant period of time before all parents can safely pick up their children from the School. In such a situation, the School will continue to care for the children.

The official guidelines state that we need at least 3 days supply of water (for a school of 400 staff and students this is a whopping 3600 litres!), food and other essential provisions in order to survive after a major disaster.

In previous years the contribution paid for the installation of three water tanks (4000 litres!), toilet facilities (buckets, shovels & lime!!) food supplies, first aid supplies, tents, tarpaulins, mobile communications equipment and other various items. The main focus this year we will be to replace food supplies, which are coming up to expiration, to ensure we are ‘emergency prepared’.

We have available sufficient food and other essential supplies for around 400 children and staff for 3 days. These are stored in the red wheelie bins some of which you will have seen in the classrooms or cloakrooms. There are additional wheelie bins in the hall.

Each classroom wheelie bin contains the following items, many of which need to be replaced on an annual basis. Cans of food, Muesli bars, Special dietary food, Barley sugars, 10 litres of water, Plastic cups/spoons, Rubbish bags, Bucket, Torch/batteries, Survival blankets, Basic first aid kits, Surgical gloves.

Unfortunately the cost of providing this is beyond the School’s means. We do not receive any designated funding or grants to cover these costs. An annual contribution of $10 per student maintains an adequate level of supplies and equipment for each classroom, for a major Civil Defence Emergency.