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Lest We Forget

Upcoming Events
Thursday 28th May 2015
Helping the Children of Nepal
Please bring: A $5 note on Thursday 

Do you know what happened in Nepal recently? There was a huge earthquake which caused massive damage and collapsed hospitals, schools, shops and homes. We want to raise money for Nepal so they can rebuild the hospitals and schools even stronger - more earthquake proof!

New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hillary, (first to climb Mt Everest ) was the founder of the Himalayan Trust.  His heart has always been with the people of Nepal.  To commemorate this wonderful achievement and to respect Sir Ed’s wishes to help the people of Nepal, the Himalayan trust have asked schools around New Zealand to bring a ‘Fiver’ on Thursday.  This is just one day shy of celebrating Sir Ed and Tenzing Norgay’s amazing first successful climb of Mt Everest 62 years ago.

Imagine how you would feel with no school, a home made out of a few crumpled bricks with a roof of plastic.  Imagine no hospitals!  What would you do if you got sick?  You would have nowhere to go!  

We look forward to collecting your donation on Thursday.  Guess whose picture is on the front of our five dollar note? We plan to pin your five dollar notes on an outline of Mt Everest in the office foyer for the day.  Then the money will be sent to the Himalayan Trust. This money will really help a lot. The money will buy them blankets, medicine and building supplies for rebuilding the houses, hospitals and schools.   Thank you for your generosity! 

Keen supporters - Esme, Ava and Tayla (year 5)

Library Family Evenings

Thursday 18th June 6pm to 7pm

All families are welcome to browse & take home some reading. Librarians are happy to help select.

Scholastic Book Fair! 
Mark your Diaries 

Thursday 11th June 8.30-9am 3-4pm
Friday 12th June 8.30-9am 3-4pm
Monday 15th June 8.30-9am 3-4pm