At CAS our aims for our learners are to:

  • use ICT confidently across all areas of the curriculum
  • develop their skills in thinking critically and problem solving online
  • become literate in the language, symbols and texts of digital technology
  • respect the intellectual copyright of the creators of content
  • act safely and with integrity when learning online
  • relate to others positively and meaningfully
  • contribute by demonstrating the values of digital citizenship

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Home and School Committee, our ratio of devices sees that children have independent access to a range of devices, from MacBook Airs, iPads to Chromebooks. We use the resources created by Commonsense Media.


Key Resources

Being cybersafe is crucial for our tamariki.  We use the Pause and Think Online programme which covers a range of topics:

  • Media balance and wellbeing
  • Privacy and security
  • Digital footprint and identity
  • Relationships and communication
  • Cyberbullying, digital drama, and hate speech
  • News and media literacy


Pause and Think Online website



The Digital Technologies curriculum encompasses two main areas: Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes and Computational Thinking. 

The goal is to ensure that all learners know about digital technologies and understand the decisions people make when they use them and create them. It's important that students have opportunities to be innovative designers and creators of digital solutions – moving beyond solely being users and consumers of digital technologies. We want them to be able to critically assess the impact of existing and new technologies on society and the environment.