All students who live within the home zone described below shall be entitled to enrol at the school.The Home Zone for Cashmere Avenue School will include addresses on the following streets or identified sections of street:

Agra Crescent, Amritsar St, Arakan Way, Ardross Avenue, Benares St, Bengal St, Butavas St, Calcutta St, Cashmere Avenue (numbers 30 and above on the even side and 39 and above on the odd side), Clive Rd, Delhi Crescent (numbers 1 – 27 on the odd side and numbers 2 – 30a on the even side), Dekka St, Elgin Way, Everest St, Ganges Rd, Harbour Park Tce, Himalaya Crescent, Homebush Rd, Hutt Rd (between the main trunk line railway overbridge and Rangiora Ave), Indira Pl, Indus St, Izard Rd, Jubilee Rd, Kamla Way, Kerala Way, Lakshmi Pl, Lochiel Rd, Lohia St, Mandalay Tce, Mathieson Ave, Nanda Way, Narbada Cres, Nepal Pl, Nicholson Road (numbers 21 and above on the odd side and 28 and above on the even side), Onslow Rd, Rama Crescent, Rangiora Ave, Ranikhet Way, Ranui Crescent, Raumati Tce, Ravi St, Shalimar Crescent, Sovereign Pt, Te Kainga Way, Tensing Pl, Torwood Rd, Waru St, Whitu St.