Equipping learners to explore and thrive together

In 2018 our School Board and leadership team consulted across our people: students, teachers, whānau and educational agencies.  With this feedback, and the inspirations from our teachers’ professional learning, we developed our beliefs about what matters for learners now and in their futures.  Using the guidance of Dr Julia Atkin’s curriculum design and with support from Leading Learning’s Joanne Robson, we refined these conclusions to create our vision statement for learning: ‘Equipping learners to explore and thrive together’.

Our Values are what we believe our students will need in order to thrive.  Our capabilities are what we believe our students need to be equipped with.  Our teaching and learning will explore our approaches in order to see our learners - adults and children - be equipped and thrive.  At Cashmere Avenue School, the way our people work and play together is treasured by all, hence the inclusion of the concept of being ‘together’, known to us as ‘whanaungatanga’.



Our values are qualities that we believe each learner has within their hearts.  Opportunities and schoolwide communication at CAS are designed so that these values can develop and be expressed daily, so that when intertwined, they create the vibrant and happy culture our school is known for.  Our Kaumatua gifted our school the values of Mahi Tahi and Whanaungatanga.

  • vc whanaungatanga


    We connect to belong

    vc empathy


    We understand and care about how others might feel

    vc mahi tahi

    Mahi Tahi

    We work together to achieve our goal

    vc growthmindset

    Growth Mindset

    We have a can-do attitude when facing challenges

    vc pride


    We are proud of ourselves, others and our place


The teachers’ research uncovered skills and ways of thinking that learners need to start developing now to be equipped for the uncertainties of the future.  Our daily practice is designed to equip our learners with these ‘capabilities’. A staff Think Tank has made a progression of these. See our Learner Profile.

  • v creativity


    I can come up with new solutions and ideas

    v resilience


    I can bounce back when things are tricky

    v critical thinking

    Critical thinking

    I can stop and think deeply

    v collaboration


    I can work and play well with others towards common goals

    v curiosity


    I ask questions and wonder about the world around me

diagram-simple I n q u i r y D i v e r s i t y I d e n t i t y A g e n c y L e a r n i n g t o L e a r n K a i t i a k i t a n g a I n n o v a t i o n C r i t i c a l T h i n k i n g C u r i o s i t y C o l l a b o r a t i o n R e s i l i e n c e C r e a t i v i t y M a h i T a h i E m p a t h y W h a n a u n g a t a n g a P r i d e G r o w t h M i n d s e t V a l u e s C a p a b i l i t i e s A p p r o a c h e s Equipping learners to explore and thrive together Our Vision